The food and beverage industry faces some unique problems in its manufacturing processes: ABB's stainless steel motors (0.18 - 7.5kW) more than meets them.


Preventing food contamination is paramount, so equipment must be kept scrupulously clean, but not all motors appreciate harsh, constant washdown environments. The result: Poor process reliability and production targets not being met due to breakdowns. Constant cleaning can cause surface corrosion and electrical and bearing failure (due to grease washout). For this reason, ABB's food industry motors are IP69 rated (able to withstand close range water sprays from different angles) and able to withstand water at 80 degrees celcius and 80-100 Bar pressure.


The new motors also come with a number of specific enhancements in addition to the H1 grease used.* Aside from their corrosion resistance, ABB's steel motors are easy to clean to a microbiological level and are self-draining to ensure that liquid cannot pool / condense/ accumulate on them. IE3 high-efficiency motors find their niche in 'Food Zone 1' the area of a processing plant where meat, poulty and dairy can come into direct contact with machinery.

The range:

  • 0.18 kW to 7.5 kW
  • 2 to 6 pole range
  • 230-690v, 50/60 Hz
  • -15C to + 40C
  • IP69 protection
  • F/F Insulation/ Temp rise
  • Available in mounting types: B14, B5, B3, B34, B35
  • Encapsulated windings to ensure a longer lifetime in humid conditions
  • Can be supplied without a cooling fan in a non-vented design designed to be dirt free and easy to clean
  • Smooth, self-draining housing

 food safe stainless steel motors

When it comes to food safety, process reliability and energy efficiency it has to be  ABB's IEC 'Food Safe' Stainless steel motors.

Splash zone 2 and Dry zone 3 motors for the food industry are also available from ABB.

*By law, food processing is only allowed to use certain lubricants, generally H1 or H3, depending on how much contact the lubricant may have with the food. ABB's new stainless steel motors use H1 grease - the standard most people are referring to when they refer to 'food-grade'.

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