Wind Turbine Generator Repairs


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Through our sister company Central Group - which has extensive experience in the repair and refurbishment of drives and generators - we have been able to extend our business into the specialist area of wind turbine generator repair, maintenance and refurbishment. 


The prime objective is to ensure that every part of a generator is properly inspected and subjected to a comprehensive test programme. Following repair / refurbishment, and prior to installation, the generator is re-tested to minimise any chance of unexpected failure.
In order to increase the reliability and prolong the life of your equipment, we can attend site to carry out essential inspections and maintenance using state-of-the- art core loss inspection equipment. In addition, we use thermographic / vibration analysis to highlight possible weak spots in wind turbine equipment that may compromise its efficiency and ultimately its life span.
wind turbineAlternatively we can bring faulty / damaged components back to our fully-equipped workshop in the North West of England.
We have a lifting capacity of 20 Tonnes and can dynamically test turbines up to 3.5 Megawatt.
We take extreme pride in knowing that due to some of the superior components we install, fully refurbished turbines have been known to outperform brand new ones!
With extensive expertise in the preventative maintenance of motors and rotating equipment, the next logical step for the Central team was to focus on diagnostics and on-site maintenance for large scale renewables; a step which has now formed an integral part of the Central Group business.
Wind turbine generators are normally covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or service contract for a period of five years and after this time, if they are not maintained properly, can develop costly problems. If out of warranty the cost of both the downtime and repair can be astronomical, which is why diagnostic checks and preventative maintenance are hugely beneficial; helping to save a considerable amount of money.
Central Group has extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of generators and it has been a natural progression for the company to extend our expertise into the world of wind turbine repair & maintenance. We cover the whole of the UK and mainland Ireland and work for clients including Scottish Power, RES and Garrad Hassan.
The Situation:
As a service contract period or warranty ends it is essential to ensure all elements of the equipment or machinery involved are in good working order for the future operational requirements. To ensure just that, Central Group was contacted by its client Garrad Hassan with a request to carry out a series of post warranty checks on a wind turbine generator in Scotland. 
The Solution:
In addition to our diagnostic and maintenance work, Central is also a service partner for some of the industry’s leading renewable energy consultancies.  Garrad Hassan is one such client who we work with to ensure checks are carried out on generators prior to, or at final handover.  The project in Scotland, was a perfect example of how this diagnostic approach ensured there were no problems on site and the generator could be handed over in good working condition.
A series of discussions were held with our client before proceeding with the post warranty testing on site and following a series of extensive tests, using Baker Explorer equipment we were able to provide our client with a comprehensive report detailing our findings. 
The report didn’t highlight any cause for concern, but the findings can now be used to influence decisions on the future repair and maintenance of the generator.  This approach not only helps to ensure any future disruption is kept to a minimum but can also help save money as pre-emptive work is much more cost effective than reactive management.
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