AF116-30-11-13 CONTACTOR

  • AF116-30-11-13 CONTACTOR


100-250V50/60HZ-DC Cont. Product code: 1SFL427001R1311. Aux circuit 690v, main circuit 690v. Used for controlling power circuits up to 690v AC and 220v DC the ABB AF range of contactors is capable of coping with large voltage variations - the range has 4 coil voltages encompassing voltages between 24..500v 50/60hz or 20 ...500 v DC. Surge supressors are not required within the range as this comes built in as standard. The perfect contactor for your 75kw ACS580 drive (ACS580-01-145A-4) to 90kw drive (ACS580-01-169A-4).


Type Components
Manufacturer ABB
SKU AF116-30-11-13