ACH550 three phase IP21 vsd

This drive type has now been superceded by the ACH580 series of drives (IP21). Click on the link below to be taken to this product.

The ABB ACH550 HVAC drive is an industry specific vsd for the Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning industry (HVAC). Used in pump & fan applications, the ACH550 series of vsds provides a dedicated drive for the HVAC sector, allowing significant energy savings of up to 80%. As such, ABB ACH550 drives can offer a return on investment of only a few months (based on energy savings alone). Tailor-made for HVAC applications the drive comes with a swinging choke, 14 pre-programmed HVAC industry specific macros, a multilingual control button with 'HELP' feature and a start-up assistant showing you how to use the PID controllers, timers & serial communication settings. And, with the ability to be flange mounted, an interactive diagnostic assistant and flux optimisation, buying, installing & commissioning your ACH550 has never been easier - or more economical. EDC is an ABB Authorised Value Provider of ACH550 vsds. Why not read more about ABB's ACH580 HVAC drive - the new drive for HVAC applications. Or investigate the specific problems facing drives in the HVAC industry.

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