ABB Drive Repair, Commissioning & Installation

Variable speed drive repairs from your Scottish & north east ABB Authorized value provider. Trust us with your inverter care & repair.

EDC expert repairers of ABB variable speed drives


Our new service offering: IGBT repasting. You can read more about this service (completed as part of your scheduled 6 year preventative maintenance) and discover how repasting can lead to resilience in your inverters.

Variable speed drive repairs & preventative maintenance

INVERTER REPAIRS FROM YOUR AUTHROIZED VALUE PROVIDERAs an ABB Authorized value provider, we specialise in repairing ABB variable speed drives. That's what makes us special. All our repairs carry a 12 month warranty as a guarantee of our work. Drive repairs, both industrial and electrical can be conducted on-site or in-house (in our dedicated, bespoke workshop) - where your VSD will be bench tested, a motor load applied and problems diagnosed and repaired. All our engineers are ABB trained, and are fully conversant with all ABB drives including the GME, ACS 55, 150, 310, 350, 355, 400, 550, 580, 600, 800 and 810 series. With a range of the most common spares held in stock we can turn around your repair in the fastest possible time. EDC also carries the  ACH/ ACS850/ ACS800 and ACS880 ABB service suitcases - meaning that your vsd can be repaired asap without delays caused by waiting for parts: we have them in stock. Once fully repaired and restored your drive will be returned to you and re-installed by our engineers if required. Entrust your inverter repair to EDC - your ABB drive specialists, with over 20 years' experience in servicing & repairing the entire range of ABB drives.  

Variable speed drive repairs & commissioning on site

edc engineer repairing a variable speed drive on site Not every drive can be returned to us. Location and application can make this difficult. If you're likely to need an engineer on- site to repair your inverter the best option is our Drivecare service contract. This gives you a priority service in the event of a breakdown and means your on-site drives will be serviced by us annually - effectively taking care of your preventative maintenance. Whilst on site our engineers will also advise on site conditions and best practice for maintaining your drives. Did you know, for example, that 'spare' vsds which you hold for backup should also be subject to routine maintenance as DC capacitors (filled with electrolyte) need to be 'reformed' by periodically powering them up? Ideally this should be done every 6 months - and if this isn't possible then annually as a minimum. All EDC & EDC NE engineers have extensive experience of on-site work and the various method statements and risk assessments which go with it, so you know they'll be punctual, prepared & professional. Presentable, goes without saying.....

Urgent requirement? Emergency situation? Your drive is running critical plant?

variable speed drive being repairedCall us on 0141 812 3222. Often our engineers can advise you over the phone on how to handle the breakdown. If you can provide us with the fault codes and condition of the drive it's likely our experienced engineers will know if the inverter can be repaired (and how quickly) or if a hire drive would be the best option to get you back up and running. We hold a wide range of hire drives in stock (complete with flying leads) which can be pre-programmed for same or next day delivery. Your site is unmanned or you have no engineers available to set up the hire drive? Our service is comprehensive. Not only can we take the hire drive to site for you, we can install it, commission it and extract the parameters we have input in case you need them at a later date. 

But do I repair or replace my variable speed drive?

an in house repair on an inverterABB has a comprehensive set of preventative maintenance instructions in place for your inverters. Parts are normally changed at 3, 6 and 9 years. Adhering to this schedule means your drive will not only be functioning (and still saving you money) after its pay-back time, but can continue in service for 20 years  - or more. All we need to know what servicing your VSD requires is its serial number - it's as simple as that. From this we can trace where your drive is in its life cycle and which - if any - PM kits need to be fitted. If you're looking after your drive  - and have it situated in the correct working environment: clean, dry, well-ventilated, then often a repair is just as effective and more economical than a replacement. BUT - do remember to check the operating conditions of your motor too - often drive problems can originate with the motor: an often overlooked fact. See more about this in detail in our recent blog spot 'Variable speed drive repair - why replace when you can repair?'.