Drive Care Service Contracts

Planned maintenance for all your on-site VSDS

See our new repasting service to improve resilience on your ABB drives. We can repaste as part of your 6 years preventative maintenance, extending the lifecycle of your drive.

EDC offers an unrivalled care package to our DriveCare customers. When a variable speed drive is critical to your operation, DriveCare offers you the reassurance of having competent engineers to hand. Designed to prevent downtime and minimise it when it does happen, DriveCare is a programme of planned, preventative maintenance for your vsds. With scheduled maintenance intervals your drive will be serviced and consumables replaced, allowing you optimal performance and maximum energy savings. During their visits our engineers will ensure that connections are tight, the drives are ventilated and the units are free from dust/ moisture ingress. Parameters are checked and the drive is given an all-round functionality check. Our engineers will also issue recommendations & reports if required. We believe DriveCare is the best method of ensuring you achieve the full life-span of your drive and is one of the most worthwhile, beneficial contracts you will ever take out for your plant. Our customers agree - see our Testimonials section.

DRIVECARE FROM EDC - Our word is your guarantee

  • Customised Care Packages - tailored to your exact industry & application requirements.
  • ABB trained engineers inspecting your plant & equipment - fully qualified with decades of experience in vsds.
  • Recommendation Reports - what our engineers believe will benefit your system both now - and in the future.
  • Minimise Down Time - With EDC recommendations & stock, all our customers are assured that vital plant is protected.
  • Parameter Reports taken & stored - EDC can re-programme to your exact parameters.
  • 'Warm' VSDs held on or off site - available for same day delivery.
  • 60 years' experience in the industry - A fact which means few problems are 'new' to our engineers.


DRIVECARE+ FROM EDC - take your drives to the next level

The Gold standard in Drive Care: DriveCare +

DriveCare+ offers a level of service which we believe is unsurpassed in the drives market. With skilled engineers ready to take your call we understand how critical a breakdown can be to your operation - and we respond accordingly. When a breakdown requires an emergency response: DriveCare+ delivers.

  • Guaranteed Response Times 
  • Engineers on Call to assist when emergencies arise
  • Telephone Support whenever/ wherever you are 
  • Nationwide Emergency Response 
  • Critical Spares held in stock (ACH/ ACS850/ ACS800 and ACS880 ABB service suitcases are kept in stock by EDC, ensuring our customers receive the very best and fastest turn-around in the repair of their vsds. Our customers do not have to pay for repeated visits to site when our engineers come fully equipped with the latest in ABB service suitcase technology.


At EDC we understand that if your plant isn't functioning, you're losing money. The cost of production down-time can be thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. That's why we can hold drives & spares in stock that you commonly use, take the parameters of your drives in operation, and, with minimal down time, have you up and running again. Call us when a problem immediately presents and we may even be able to avoid any plant or production line down time at all. All our DriveCare & DriveCare + agreements are individually tailored to our customers' exact specifications, ensuring that you pay for a service dedicated to the requirements both of your industry, and of your own, very individual business.