Energy Surveys


Have you been thinking about your company's carbon footprint? Reaching carbon neutrality is all about small steps and EDC can help you take the first step, quickly & easily. We can carry out comprehensive energy surveys and audits with the aim of fully assessing your current energy efficiency measures, assessing them and delivering a plan to reduce both your energy consumption and your carbon footprint. For an example of this see our Macallan Case Study. An energy survey from EDC may be one of the most cost-effective measures your company ever takes; reducing not only your emissions, but also your energy costs and ecological impact. Something which is good not only for your company's profitability, but also the planet. For our Air Compressor Energy Surveys click Air Compressor Energy Survey

Energy Case Studies  See an example of how much can be saved with an EDC energy audit by viewing the recent report of our sister company in Liverpool, Central Group. They recently saved Liverpool City Council £60k per annum (with a payback time of around two years) by the retro-fitting of variable speed drives in 5 of their swimming pools.

What is my carbon footprint?
You'll have heard about climate change but what is it? Well, did you know for example, that 300 million years ago the British isles were covered in tropical rainforest? Our climate changes naturally all the time, but as man has evolved & continuously increased carbon dioxide emissions, the rate of climate change has also increased. It is now generally accepted that all of us have an effect on our environment, particularly groups of individuals such as businesses, and we all have a responsibility to improve. We can measure our effect in terms of carbon emissions: this is known as our Carbon Footprint.


So what can EDC help me do to reduce my carbon emissions?

We are specialists installers of AC variable speed drive solutions. This technology automatically controls your plant and process equipment so that it only uses as much energy as the process requires. This reduces your energy consumption which has many advantages, such as greatly improved efficiency, longer life expectancy of your equipment, less maintenance, lower energy bills and of course, with less consumption comes a reduction in your Carbon Footprint. Contact us on 0141 812 3222 for more details, or read further on the benefits of using a vsd.

Can energy savings ALSO save me money?

By investing in the latest AC variable speed technologies, the energy consumption of your existing process will fall. This, in turn, will bring a return on investment through falling energy bills; simple. Impressive & quantifiable energy savings also mean that payback periods are often much shorter than you'd imagine, typically 6 months to 2 years.

What about downtime & compatibility?

One of the main reasons installing carbon reducing equipment can be a cause for concern to a business is the possibility of downtime. There may be an interruption to your process, but what if that downtime could be kept to an absolute minimum by experienced specialists you can trust? You'd be surprised how quickly your process can be made more efficient, and there's no need to worry about compatibility when there's a team available with years of experience in interfacing products from a multitude of different manufacturers.

Making energy work harder for you is our main objective.

With over 20 years' experience in installing and commissioning AC variable speed technologies in a huge range of industries & applications, we're a one-stop solution for all your energy needs. If you are new to variable speed drives we can guide you through all you need to know and demonstrate the possibilities within your own process with our fleet of portable drive products (see our hire drive section for further details). If you're already a user you may not have realised that technological advancements in recent years have resulted in vastly improved efficiencies, and replacing your old equipment with the latest available can make for instant & measurable savings.

Get the government to assist with your investment.

Your company is currently paying a Climate Charge Levy (CCL) of 0.456p/kWh. This money is being used to fund investment in energy saving technologies - such as inverter drives - and is delivered back to you via the ECA scheme, It is extremely easy to apply and it can give you back an immediate 30% of your total capital outlay.

Simply call us to arrange a free energy site survey and, based on that, we'll always offer you the best advice. Typical energy savings are between 15 and 50% depending upon the application.

Applications our customers have saved energy with include: conveyors, compressors, pumps, fans, hydraulic power packs, coolant systems, cooling towers, DC to AC conversions, extruders & more.