Modern Slavery Declaration

This does not apply to our business as the Modern Slavery Act requires organisations that supply goods or services and have a consolidated global turnover of 36 million pounds per annum or more to prepare a Modern Slavery Policy


EDC is committed to ensuring that the organisation and its supply chains are free of slavery and human trafficking, and that the necessary due diligence is undertaken to provide assurance of this.

Our risk analysis for modern slavery and human trafficking affecting our organisation concluded that this is a low risk. Managing Director, Nick Brown has overall responsibility for this area of compliance.

We set out below the due diligence processes EDC has put in place to prevent EDC from being involved with modern slavery in any way.

Our Trading Team secures statements from all suppliers of new goods guaranteeing their compliance with the Act. No supplier is engaged without this compliance statement. During the coming year all longstanding suppliers will be re-reassessed.

EDC’s procurement practices incorporate processes to ensure that our major suppliers comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Invitations to tender require suppliers to confirm their compliance with the Act and to provide a formal statement to this effect. If it is considered necessary, they will be asked to provide further assurances.

Depending on the type of goods and services being provided and the depth of the supply chains involved, further due diligence may be undertaken if necessary.

EDC would not tolerate slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and would terminate our relationship with any suppliers where there was evidence of their failure to comply with the Modern Slavery Act.

EDC is satisfied that there has been no evidence of any connection with modern slavery or human trafficking, either within the organisation or through any of our suppliers or sub-contractors.

Although it is important to undertake due diligence with our suppliers, we do not consider that it is necessary to set any performance indicators for this area. We have not so far needed to take any action against a supplier.

Nick Brown,

Managing Director

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