ACS55 Single phase IP20 vsd

The ABB ACS55 VSD is a component micro drive designed for quick & easy installation. Designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of simple machines, it requires no programming and set up is via DIP switches on the facia. Compact & light, this vsd can be screw mounted and is equally ideal for din rail mounting. No control panel is required. Typical applications include: fans & pumps, exercise equipment, gate control and conveyors in both commercial & domestic environments. One of the best value drives on the market, it comes backed by the quality associated with ABB.

The ACS50 is EMC compliant and comes with the option of an ACS50-Pot.

Voltage 230vac single phase input, 230vac 3 phase output, Range 0.18kw to 2.2kw.

EDC is an ABB Authorised Value Provider of ACS55 vsds.

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