ABB's newest offering - the ever-so-chilled ACH580 vsd. The coolest kid on the HVAC block.


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August 2016 saw the launch of the plug-and-play ABB HVAC drive - the ACH580, an evolution of the ACH550 series of drives. ABB has called the all-compatible drive the epitome of "comprehensive climate control". It can be integrated with any HVAC motor, be it; induction, synchronous reluctance or permanent magnet....and into any major automation system. The range, which comes in IP21 and IP55, is rated from 0.75kw - 250kw. An extensive range of options are built-in as standard: PID loop controllers, variable speed internal fans, a streamlined & embedded HVAC specific menu (including sleep & timed functions) and motor heating capabilities (to prevent a build-up of condensation in your motor). This "all-compatible architecture" simplifies the operation of the drive, whilst maximising both output & energy efficiency. This makes the ACH580 not just a go-to drive for your heating and ventilation requirements, it also means that the reliability, simplicity and integration make it the perfect option for mission-critical applications in hospitals and data centres - where smooth, uninterrupted operation is vital. 

ach580 series of HVAC drives from ABBABB puts it succinctly when they say the newest addition to their drive stable is: "Comprehensive in its control, beautiful in its simplicity"In addition to the host of benefits above, the drive's inbuilt monitoring diagnostics can identify its own maintenance requirements, effectively cutting out routine inspections, enabling you to achieve optimal efficiency by controlling your fans & pumps using this feedback from the drive. Simple selection & seamless integration. The new ACH580 vsd works in harmony with your existing operation and the host of features which come as standard not only enhance but simplify your day-to-day operations. The pay-back time of the drive is also significantly reduced by the guaranteed efficiency levels. Direct collaboration with you motor gives you up-to-date energy efficiency information, allowing you to see how much energy you are using - and how much you are saving. Other advantages of the range include:

- PID loop controllers as standard.

- HVAC communications protocols (intuitive operation - your engineers will instinctively understand the drive operation). BACnet included.

- Supported by EDC's fully ABB-trained engineers who can select, install & commission the range, as well as offering you the best training, assistance & full technical backup available anywhere in the UK.                  

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HVAC ACH580 for the future of ALL your optimized processed control systems!

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