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From the time of the ancient Egyptians, instrumentation has been evolving. Now, millenia later, the Endress+Hauser Group has designed process control equipment which is taking us to the stars. And the EDC group of companies will be servicing it. *

How can I contact you regrding calibrating my Endress+Hauser equipment?

See our contact details above. Submit your information and we'll get straight back to you. Alternatively, call 0141 812 3222 and talk to a member of our team.

Preeminent in industries as diverse as: oil & gas, water and wastewater, food and beverage, power, life sciences, the chemical industry and pharmaceuticals, they specialise in industry-specific instrumentation which controls a host of exacting processes.

Their continuous diagnostics and bespoke instrumentation solutions - from liquid analyses in water and beverage to predictive maintenance in oil and gas - make measurement precise, processes reliable and plant asset management efficient.

EDC and her sister companies, EDC North East and EDC Air Compressors are now proud to be joining this family business as Service Partners for Scotland and the North of England. We will be carrying out a range of tasks including calibration, site services and preventative maintenance. As companies involved in electrical and mechanical engineering, it's a range of services we are already familiar with. Our instrumentation engineers regularly use precision measuring instruments such as megger testers, ultrasonic flow meters and hydrostatic pressure devices in the course of their everyday work. They're also conversant with instrumentation controls and set ups - such as the use of process control loops - and are used to working in the demanding fields mentioned above. All in all, it makes our partnership a perfect pairing. Read about our new service partnership with Endress+Hauser.

calibration services from endress and hauser

Fully trained in all aspects of calibration and servicing, our EDC engineers will be part of the Endress+Hauser Global Calibration Programme, undertaking: pressure, temperature, flow, electrical and mechanical calibration on all of Endress+Hauser's analytical and monitoring technologies, adjusting instruments to bring them into alignment with national standards. They will be ensuring compliance with your quality system, minimising the risk of plant downtime, and allowing you to seamlessly monitor the real life conditions of plant processes with absolute accuracy, letting you focus your efforts on improving products and developing your business.

instrument calibration on endress+hauser electrical instrumentation
Some common questions about calibration:

Why do I need to calibrate my Endress+Hauser instrumentation?

In a word, confidence. Chances are, what you are measuring (process variables) is vitally important for your business - for quality, profitability and safety. Calibration means instruments are running at their optimal setting, so there should be no unexpected breakdowns or deterioration of the product you are handling or producing.

How often do I need to calibrate the instrumentation?

This depends on how often the equipment is used and what the environmental operating conditions are. Every piece of instrumentation is different and will follow its own set of calibration rules. A year is frequently enough for some pieces of equipment, while others are calibrated before every use in other processes. If your instrumentation monitors vital operations, or oversees the production of expensive products, then calibration should be on a more recurrent basis (and be prioritised as part of your preventative maintenance programme). Acceptable tolerances are therefore a vital factor in deciding how often you need to calibrate - as well as the manufacturer's guidelines.

What instrumentation can EDC calibrate?

All Endress+Hauser instrumentation used in process solutions including pressure and temperature measurement, flow and level measurement, gas analysis instrumentation and liquid and solid analysis. We like to think that's fairly comprehensive...

So, if you need calibration of: industrial flow thermometers, vibrating level switches, probes, measurement devices used in water and waste water, or oil and gas - we're your local, trained experts!

Endress and hauser calibration training for service partners

* Via IST AG, a member of the Endress+Hauser group since 2005.

Keep on running - this food and beverage's extensive plant will do just that with the assistance of the EDC Endress+Hauser technicians.

This well-known food and beverage company's processes are regularly calibrated at set intervals as part of their preventative maintenance programme. A substantially sized plant, the calibration of the instrumentation on site took over a week to complete and record. Pictured, to the right, is the control panel and the tester used during calibration.

EDC engineers calibrating Endress+Hauser instrumentation in a Scottish plant