Project Management

Let EDC's experience guide you from project inception to completion: on time, on budget & to your exact specifications.

With specialist expertise in inverters & motors (and their applications), EDC (Scotland) Ltd is adept at the project management of your installation. From initial quotation we will identify the best variable speed drives for your application. This involves looking at and understanding your drive philosophy, something few other companies will do. We will take into account your commissioning, installation and training requirements, forecasting completion dates, energy savings and payback time. You will be allocated a dedicated project engineer who will work with you to bring your venture in on time, and on budget, ensuring a smooth hand-over and providing post-supply back up. In conjunction with our team of seven fully qualified service engineers - each with their own area of expertise - your project manager will oversee the integration, scope, risk-management and delivery schedule of your job; assisting you every step of the way. Projects we undertake can vary from:

  • A simple wall-mounted IP54 VSD.
  • Controlling a cooling tower pump with temperature feedback.
  • Full turnkey solutions including: design, motor sizing, control panel manufacture, inverter and motor installation with bedplate modifications and laser alignment. 


We are experts at seamlessly integrating VSDs into your process to provide closed loop control, reducing energy consumption and maintenance, as well as improving the process.Many projects start life as an Energy Appraisal and from this are developed into projects involving multiple applications across site, very often involving critical plant running 24 hrs per day 7 days per week. 
Over the years we have built up our expertise & competence in a wide range of industries including –
  1. Power Generation
  2. Steel Industry
  3. Cement Industry
  4. Automotive Industry
  5. Chemical Industry
  6. Water & Wastewater
  7. Distilleries
From a simple 4kW swimming pool pump to a 600kW FD fan on a boiler, we can offer a turnkey solution; installed to your specifications and fully set up. Contact us for further information: or Tel: 0141 812 3222