abbs new acs880 variable speed drive

The best of all possible worlds? It’s possible with the best of all possible drives: ABB’s ACS880, a new dawn in variable speed drives.

The best partners combine simplicity with sophistication. They communicate well, cope in demanding circumstances and move seamlessly through all situations. In fact, it’s a pleasure to be accompanying them. We’d like to introduce you to the ABB ACS880.
We could tell you of the features and benefits, but this variable speed drive is so eloquent, we thought we’d let her make her own introductions...over to you ACS880.
“Thank you. I’m a drive who’s compatible with a host of motors—especially those who use DTC. I find that we’re on the same wavelength and communicate easily & effectively (not to mention speedily) with one another. I’ve had a liberal education - with a year at a Swiss finishing school - taking in regenerative braking, ultra-low harmonics and liquid cooling—and I’m fully conversant in all of these. I’m open to a committed long-term relationship with a motor in the oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, power generation, material handling, pulp and paper, wood or marine industry.”
We think the ACS880 is being too modest, so we’ve listed what other traits we think make her a standout candidate for your particular application below.

So, you know about the liquid cooling, the regenerative braking (where you can return 100% of your motors braking power back into the supply network where other members of your powertrain can make use of it) and the built-in harmonic reduction (with no need for additional filters). But what our ACS880 hasn't told you (she's not a boastful drive) is that her memory is photographic...and stored on a removeable memory unit.

Nor does she have an explosive temperament. She has built-in ATEX certified protection functions, making her a perfect companion for ABB motors which are designed for operation in hazardous environments.

But at times all relationships can run into trouble. That's why the ACS880 has built in service assistance (its very own guidance counsellor). Download the ABB Drivebase app, link your ACS880 to ABB's service support and...if you hit troubled waters (or electrical issues) you'll find that a QR code has been generated on the drive's control panel. Scan the code with your phone/tablet and you'll be taken to the ABB service site which provides prompt access to vital information about the error - and how best to rectify it. Because once you've committed to your drive, you want your union to be trouble free and prosperous.

ABB ACS800 drive report card:

  • Simply configured and with built-in safety features as standard
  • Intuitive keypad (with USB port) as well as a PC tool
  • Direct torque control for optimal open/closed loop control
  • Communicates fluently with all major automation networks
  • A removable memory unit for easy drive commissioning/replacement
  • Energy optimizer/energy efficiency information to enable monitoring and energy savings
  • Optimal design for ease of servicing
  • Suitable for a huge range of applications: pumps & fans, cranes, extruders, winches, winders, mixers, conveyors and compressors
  • Available from 0.55kW to 250kW (wall-mounted single drives)

As its creators stated: "Efficiency is a team effort - partner with the best."