ACS355 three phase IP21 variable speed drives

The ABB ACS355 variable speed drive is a cost effective machinery component drive designed for quick & easy installation. With the broadest power range and best connectivity in its class, the compact and light vsds can be screw mounted and are ideal for din rail mounting.
Aimed for use in the food & beverage, lifting, material handling, textile, printing, rubber and plastic industries, the ACS355 drive has an optional keypad in either basic or advanced, as well as an optional speed potentiometer. Options include a flash drop unit and a wall mounting kit. Designed to be programmed either via the keypad or a pc with a drive windows software package, the ACS355 drives are EMC compliant and come with additional features such as safe torque - and external 24 vdc connection off. The ease of installation & commissioning with the ACS355 range makes this a versatile addition to the ABB family of drives, being both easy to operate and fast to set up.

Voltage 3 phase input, 380 vac to 480 vac, 3 phase output, Range 0.37kw to 2.2kw.

EDC is an ABB Authorised Value Provider of ACS 355 variable speed drives.

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