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As an ABB Value Provider (VP), we carry an extensive range of ABB variable speed drives which can be shipped for next-day delivery. Renowned for their quality & longevity, ABB vsds have become the industry standard for motor control. Customer-led design and intuitive programming means that ABB leads the way in ease of operation of its drives. By allowing greater control of your processes, vsds can unlock energy savings, thus enhancing your productivity. The control vsds provide also reduces wastage, which in turn improves efficiency and reduces maintenance costs of machinery which would otherwise not benefit from the gear-like control and flexibility which a drive provides. ABB inverters are now widely acknowledged as part of every carbon-conscious company's energy-saving policy. Hire drives are also available from EDC as are full and half-day training courses in variable speed drives. For what being an ABB Value Provider means for our customers, read our ABB Value Provider page.

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ACS55 series IP20 1ph from 0.18kw to 2.2kw         ACS150 series IP20 3ph from 0.37 to 4kw

ACS150 series 1ph from 0.37 to 2.2kw                   ACS180 series drives

ACS355 series IP20 1ph from 0.37 to 2.2kw           ACS880 series drives

ACS310 series IP21 3ph from 0.37kw to 22kw        ACS355 series IP21 3ph from 0.37kw to 22kw

ACS550 series IP21 3ph from 1.1kw to 160kw        ACS550 series IP54 3ph from 1.1kw to 37kw

ACS580 series IP21 3ph from 2.2kw - 110kw         ACS580 series IP55 3ph from  2.2kw to 200kw

ACS800 series IP21 3ph from 1.5kw to 160kw        ACH550 HVAC series IP21 3ph 0.75kw to 160kw    

ACH550 HVAC series IP54 3ph 0.75kw to 160kw   ACH580 HVAC series IP55 3ph 2.2 -55kw

ACQ580 drives for the water & wastewater industry  Reconditioned ABB ACS800 drives

ACS480 series IP20 0.75kw to 22kw                      ABB Drive accessories