The ACS880 inverter takes up the mantle of lead industrial drive

acs880 vsd from abb. the new inverter rangeFrom late December 2016 ABB's flagship range of ACS800 variable speed drives will enter their 'classic' phase.

This means, like the workhorses which have gone before - including the ACS600 series - they will transition from standard drives to spares only production. They move aside to accommodate the new ACS880 & ACS580 range. If you have ACS800 drives on your production line - and they are mission critical - then there are some steps you should take to ensure continuity of supply.

Once the clock strikes midnight on the appointed date the ACS800 series will be available as a spares item only: as such, the lead time, and the price, will increase significantly. Off-the-shelf equivalents will be available, but a like-for-like replacement may be difficult, if not impossible, to source quickly.

Buy now, be secure in your plant and cost-effective in your application. We can advise on what ACS800 preventative maintenance kits will ensure both the most cost-effective option and most enhanced longevity for your drive. It's a worthwhile investment as, properly maintained, the ACS800 drives can have a life span of several decades.

Our recommendations:


EDC can assess all of your ACS800 applications and provide recommendations on the best course of action in the event of a breakdown. 

This will depend on a number of factors including –
• Application
• Hourly cost of downtime
• Power rating
• Ease of mechanical/electrical changeover
• Does the application have Adaptive or special software installed?
• Does the application have options such as a brake chopper or sine filter?
• Does the application have a Serial Communications connection such as Profibus, Modbus etc.
• Access

All of the above will influence the best course of action in a breakdown.
We will then provide a recommendation for each application.
Call or email us now if you would like us to carry out the survey - free of charge of course.

 Your questions:

the range of acs880 inverters from abbWhat? Why??? We understand. You know and love the ACS800. For constant torque applications it was one of the best, most user-friendly, engineer-led drives on the market.The ACS880 & ACS580 aim to build on this legacy: intuitive navigation & functionality have been prioritised. The keypad is high-contrast, easy-to-read, robust and comes with clear navigation (as an engineer or electrician it's not your job to work out keypad semaphore). First off, they are compatible with ALL motors currently available today. Really; it doesn't matter which kind: permanent magnet, synchronous (or not) - the software on the products interfaces with all of them. It's the linguist of its generation, deciphering applications as wide ranging as pumps, winders, winches, compressors & conveyors. Remember adaptive programming tools from the ACS800? Well, it depends on what your application and programme is...but the ACS880 comes with programming tools which means adaptive programming may not be required at all. The vsd also boasts a built-in energy calculator (so you can actively monitor your productivity & savings). This outputs its results in both money & kWh saved.

The spec is impressive and the ACS880 brings together all the attributes you would expect in a top-of-the-range ABB drive. It's; compatible, adaptable, formidable.

  •  From 0.55kw - 250kw (IP20, 21 & 54) (380-550v) with ABB's common drive architecture
  • Marine approved design
  • Full range to over 1MW
  • DTC supplied as standard
  • EMC filter, choke, brake chopper included
  • Supporting a wide-range of fieldbus protocols, I/O and encoder options
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Intuitive control panel with USB port
  • Able to calculate energy savings in both spend & kWh
  • Easy connection of the Drive Composer tool (free at entry level) and at a charge for the 'Drive Composer Pro' - which enables you to perform the most advanced programming, commissioning & monitoring functions
  • Options for everything - daisy-chain your drives through a drive-to-drive link (no software needed!!!)
  • An energy optimiser which ensures max torque per amp - so less energy is pulled from your supply

 See below for details of the ACS580 & ACS880 vsds from EDC.


The ACS580 flyer

The ACS580 general purpose catalogue

The ACS880 catalogue

The ACS880 flyer

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Remember, from December 2016 the ACS800 moves to its classic phase. Buy now to save later......the new acs880 range of abb variable speed drives