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Well-versed in all aspects of both cabinet assembly & panel assembly, EDC is also a leading supplier of ABB control gear to industrial markets. Supplying contactors & accessories, control gear & switch gear, switches & circuit breakers, relays & enclosures - we can supply, design, retrofit & install vsd cabinets to your exact requirements. See our range of components now via our search facility. Alternatively, contact us to find out how we can refit your present design to suit your future requirements: Tel: 0141 812 3222.

Our full switchgear range includes, contactors, softstarts, overloads, relays, shafts, pushbuttons and a range of other ABB control gear & installation equipment.

Products moving towards the end of their lifecycle, identified as Classic, Limited or Obsolete will have a price increase greater than 2.5% due to these items being made to order. These products may also have a longer lead time. Why not contact Amy, our control gear expert to discuss your requirements?