ACS550 three phase IP21 vsd

ABB has now released the ACS580 VSD - the new version of the ACS550. See the ACS580 vsd range.

The ACS580 is an updated version of the ACS550. It has more features and is more cost-effective to buy than the ACS550. Depending upon your application, the ACS580 series can be a economical way to replace both the ACS550 & ACS800 series of drives.
With its low harmonic output (due to its unique swinging choke) the ACS550s are used in a wide range of industries. Typical applications include pump, fan and constant torque use, such as conveyors. These ABB general purpose drives are ideal in situations where the requirement is for an intuitive drive which is easy to install and commission -  and where customizing or special product engineering is not required. With minimal losses - making it idea for energy saving applications - these workhorses of the drive industry are quick & easy to install, compact and light for their ratings. The drives include several features as standard, such as swinging choke and EMC filter. ACS550s is supplied as standard with the ACS-CP-A advanced keypad and can be screw mounted inside a control panel or wall mounted. Should your set up requirements be more demanding, these drives can also be fully commissioned & installed by our EDC service engineers who can programme the drive to your match your application philosophy. Why use a vsd?  Click to see the new ACS580 range of drives - ABB's newest addition to its drive portfolio. Do you also require fuses with your ACS550 variable speed drive? View our comprehensive range of Bussmann fuses. 

Highlights of the ACS550 series of drives:

− Energy efficiency counters
− Intuitive programming with an assistant control panel
− Swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
− Vector control
− Coated boards for harsh environments
− Built-in category C2 EMC filter (1st environment) as standard
− Flexible fieldbus system with builtin Modbus and numerous internally mountable fieldbus adapters
− Brake chopper as standard in the frames R1 and R2
− FlashDrop tool for cold configuration 
EDC is an ABB Authorised Value Provider of ACS550 vsds.

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