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Fully qualified, fully certified (by industry leaders ABB), we can undertake: assessment, management, maintenance & training on your behalf - with certificates issued where applicable. Trust us to undertake ALL your vsd maintenance requirements. ISO accredited & rated 100% for quality we are experts in our field.

Training: click here to see our full range of training courses.

EDC training school pupils on school technology day    

Providing your employees with a basic knowledge of VSDs and fault-finding enables them to get the best from your drives. Product knowledge prevents downtime and allows staff to maximise the software settings on your vsd. Parameter changes can be made to suit the needs of your production line, and staff can diagnose & rectify common faults without recourse to an engineer. Variable speed drive training can be conducted either in EDC's dedicated training suite, or at your own premises. Choose from a full or half-day course, tailored to the exact requirements of your employees or your industry. With courses covering all levels and all aspects of drives (both hardware & software) the results are immediate. Your employees will be equipped with valuable technical knowledge they can put into practice straight away.

Half-day morning course: (example only)
Morning breakfast rolls/ Tea/ Coffee/ Orange Juice
Course Materials
Training - including theory, fault finding & hands on experience (via demo cases )  
Full-day course: (example only)
Morning pastries / Tea / Coffee /Orange Juice
Course Materials
Training - including theory, fault-finding & hands-on experience (via demo cases)
Lunch - hot & cold selection of snacks including: filled croissants, sausage rolls (menu varies)
Training - installation, commissioning, energy saving applications, EMC issues, practical exercises
Tea/ Coffee/ Biscuits

System Flow Surveys:    

EDC can provide flow surveys and full reports with the aid of an ultrasonic sensor placed around the customer's pipe work. This can identify blockages or any pump problems at an early stage, before damage may be done to plant or machinery and before the issue forces serious down-time.

Harmonic Surveys & Power Quality Surveys:

Spikes, harmonics, outages and surges all take their toll on electrical equipment. A distorted and uneven supply reduces your 'clean' electrical energy, leading to reduced equipment life-cycles, electrical failure and increased energy costs. EDC can fully analyse your supply, making recommendations which will reduce your operating costs, maximise productivity and extend the life span of your equipment. See our harmonics page and blog spot on the effects of harmonic distortion for more information.

Offshore work:

EDC has engineers fully-certified for offshore work. As such we can offer our services to the oil and gas industries, supporting both plant & offshore engineers with our expertise. Our engineers are OPTIO approved for the UK and Norwegian sectors and have significant experience of offshore work.


Failed processes can lead to serious disruption to your production schedule and sometimes solving the problem requires expert advice and knowledge. EDC can diagnose your motor / vsd problems, determining the cause and remedying the problem to restore your process to full functionality.

Advanced ABB Product Support & Technical Assistance:

As well as fully-trained service engineers (who have gone through all applicable ABB service courses) EDC also has fully-trained members of the sales team. They can offer specialist information & guidance on your purchase of ABB equipment, ensuring you have the best product for your application.

Motor Rewinds:

- via our sister company Central Electrical. Visit or call 0151 546 6000.

Wind Generator Repair:

- via our sister company, Central Electrical. Contact no: 0151 546 6000.
View our Wind Generator Repair brochure for information on the repairs we can carry out.