ABB Drive Hire

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Are you paying a king's ransom for your hire drives? Don't be held hostage- here's how EDC can offer you a fairer deal.

1) If you require a hire drive due to a breakdown EDC will provide one and charge a standard 1 month hire charge (dependant upon size)

2) If you then authorise us to repair your drive, or purchase a new drive from us, you will be charged NO further hires. Even if it takes another month for your new drive to be delivered. It's that simple.

The most extensive hire drive fleet of ABB drives in Scotland and north east England.

Don't allow an on-site drive failure to stop production. EDC (Scotland) Ltd can ship and commission a variable speed hire drive on a same-day basis, keeping your business and your production line running. See our ABB drive hire section for a full list of ABB hire drives which are available immediately.

For those looking to 'try before they buy' EDC's hire drives can also be issued free of charge for a month* allowing you to see the benefits brought to your applications by the installation of a vsd. You only pay for the temporary installation. Contact us for further information.

EDC's range of hire drives

Why choose EDC for your hire drive?

Firstly, there are breakdown situations; emergencies when you need a vsd to keep your production line running. EDC understands that production line failures can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. It can take time to source, order & install a replacement product, time you don't have when your production process is suffering. EDC can remove the faulty drive, take it for repair and supply a hire vsd to keep your processes running. Then there are occasions when you need to run a short-term application - or find a temporary fix, but you probably won't want to remove an existing vsd to do the job. Then, you may be considering a drive upgrade or new installation. Is it worth it? What will the benefits of installation be? A hire drive (and energy survey) will tell you. You'll find out what energy savings the vsd can make for you, what its pay-back time is and how it would integrate into your existing set-up. EDC can demonstrate what savings can be made within your own processes via our application engineering services analysis to our customers. Finally, you may wish to delay capital outlay expenditure and only have budget at present for operational issues. A variable speed hire drive allows you to use your operational budget and at the same time analyse the cost & benefits of future capital outlay.

EDC range of hire drives
EDC offers you drives on demand:
  • A large fleet of hire drives in stock- from 2kw to 500 kw. Accessible 24/7.
  • Flying leads which can also be hired with vsds.
  • Nationwide delivery & collection if required.
  • Drives which can also be pre-programmed for immediate use.
  • On-site commissioning & installation if required.
  • The reassurance of technical support from EDC's competent, fully qualified engineers who can talk you through on-site set up and guide you in all aspects of the vsd installation.

Contact us for same-day UK wide shipping on a vast range of inverters - held in stock, ready for programming.

Already hiring variable speed drives to a number of blue chip companies, EDC can have your hire drive selected, programmed, supplied & operational within hours - with EDC, downtime is a thing of the past. See our hire drive section for rates and terms & conditions. Hire drives - a cost-effective solution to your immediate inverter requirements. 

edc engineer installing a hire drive on site
Provide your parameters and the hire drives can be programmed by our commissioning engineers to your exact requirements before shipping - saving you time & money.  
Why not trial the latest, improved technology and see what benefits it can bring to both your costs & your productivity?
Tried, tested & ready for shipping today -  don't let a faulty inverter halt your production when a new drive can be programmed and in place in a matter of hours. 
Contact us on: 0141 812 322
* Subject to terms & conditions.
EDC Air Compressors (Scotland) Ltd can also hire air compressors under our 'FairAir' agreements. Why not pay for your air as you would your utilities? Pay only for the air you use - freeing up your capital expenditure budget & growing your business without the significant capital cost of buying a new air compressor. EDC can supply, commission, install, set-to-run & maintain your compressor. Your company can expand without major capital investment, whilst benefitting from new, more energy-efficient air compressors - which can cost significantly less to run under our hire agreement than your older, perhaps less frequently serviced, current air compressor. Contact us at edcaircompressors to find out more about air compressor hire & the savings you can make.
The latest additions to EDC's hire fleet are shown below. Two ABB ACS580 cabinet-built drives rated at 355kW and 500kW. These units are also available from our north east division which carries a huge range of hire drives, complete with cables. Have a requirement for a hire drive but worry that Harmonics may be an issue? The EDC group also carries ABB low harmonic drives as part of our fleet. They're perfect for when a hire drive has to be put into an office block or in a built up area where harmonics could interfere with communication equipment.