abb's ACQ580 drive for the water and wastewater industry

Let ABB's ACQ580 drive float your boat, with an array of functions created especially for the water and wastewater industry.

The water industry has many issues which are specific to it. Its primary goal  is to maintain an uninterupted flow of water, costing as little as possible in terms of energy use.

So what are the unique problems facing the water industry? Well, some of the BIG ones include:

  1. An ageing infrastructure: dams, pumping stations, tunnels pipelines.
  2. Funding: producing clean drinking water and managing sewage are processes which we take for granted. But the ongoing supply is costly, especially when you consider the ageing infrastructure previously mentioned.
  3. Technology changes - Enhanced operational efficiency through the use of I.T can make for better monitoring and reduced costs. And it's moving at a pace. Advances in treatment technologies now mean that what was once seen as waste disposal now enters into the category of 'resource recovery'.
  4. Water part resulting from water loss. Leakage - and its prevention - have taken up huge amounts of time and spending in the water industry.

And the technical issues specific to water and wastewater treatment?

  • De-ragging - rags fouling pumps
  • Pressure peaks and water hammer.
  • Maintaining multi-pump functionality
  • Intelligent pump control
  • Dry run protection
  • PID Control
  • Pressure control
  • Turbidity


The solution to all these challenges? The ABB ACQ580 drive: found in all the best pumping stations, industrial wastewater facilities, desalination plants and irrigation environments. In short, the ACQ580 was designed as a bespoke drive for the water industry - you could say it speaks its language. And when you have an inverter designed around the needs of a specific sector you can build in dedicated features which are not always available in non-pump specific, multi-purpose drives.

Intelligent pump control functions on the ABB ACQ580

Designed to protect your pumps and secure optimal functionality, your ACQ drive has a number of solutions to the problems mentioned above.

Multi-pump functionality - Maintains stable process conditions for up to 8 pumps. Ensures continuous operation even if a pump fails

Sensorless flow calculation - measures the amount of water flowing without the need for additional external sensors

Level control - Controls the filling or emptying of wastewater storage and water tower tanks. Pre-set water levels means that the pumps will start / stop based on a measured level

Soft pipe fill - Manage the pressure of water by filling the pipeline gently- preventing pressure peaks and water hammer (and the damage this can cause to pipes over time)

Quick-ramp - Protect bearings when a sub pump is started in the absence of water. This feature allows the pump to reach optimal speed, extending pump life

Pump cleaning - Ensures the pump impeller is kept clean by running a sequence of aggressive ramps between min and max pump speed

Turbidity reduction - When a pump starts as slowly as possible, it creates the lowest turbidity values for the water being moved / extracted. When you combine quick ramps and long, normal ramps the drive will protect and run submersible pumps in the most optimal way

Pump protection - Maximum pressure protection helps to protect the pump and the system in the event of a blockage in the pipeline. In the event of a pipe rupture the minimum pressure protection will generate an alarm or fault. It can also be programmed to run at certain speeds to prevent dirty, untreated water entering the pipeline.

Dry run protection - prevents the pump from running dry. The water pump shaft and impellers are rotating at considerable speeds. Without dry pump protection, the heat released can damage the pump

And now for the stats:

The range includes ACQ drives from 0.75kW to 500kW, 380 - 480v

ACQ580-01 - IP21 & IP54 wall-mounted

ACQ580-04 - IP00 & IP20 drive modules

ACQ580-07 - IP42 & IP54 cabinet-built

ACQ580-31 - IP21 & IP55 ultra-low harmonic wall-mounted

ACQ580-34 - IP21 & IP55 Ultra-low harmonic drive module

All with built-in energy saving calculator and the ability to support IE4 synchronous reluctance, asynchronous induction and permanent magnet motors.

A built-in swinging choke comes as standard.

Available with 3 keypad options:

ACH-AP-H - Hands off auto (supplied as standard)

ACH-AP-W - Hands off auto panel with the added advantages of bluetooth

ACS-AP-I - Assistant Control Panel

Increase your system efficiency, improve reliability and keep energy costs down with ABB's drive for the water industry - the ACQ580.

See an ACQ580 being programmed to create an intelligent pumping system

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