power quality monitoring product range

a range of EMES active power filters

Active Power Filter

A scalable, flexible, multi-functioning active filtering solution comprising: Active harmonic filtering /Dynamic power factor correction /Voltage variations (sags & swells) reduction/ Voltage fluctuations (flicker) mitigation. Providing prolonged equipment life, and improved energy and operational efficiency.
Load balancing in three-phase systems.





SVG Static VAR Generator

Current and voltage balancing, voltage regulation and VAR support—all in one unique package. Utilising a high speed 3 level inverter the SVG reacts to changes in reactive power, exchanging corrective reactive power into the system. Full correction is made in 3/4 of a cycle.





AVC RTS Ride Through Storage

The single cost-effective solution to providing a seamless power supply in commercial and industrial applications. The AVC RTS offers complete protection from power outages and voltage sags and swells. In the event of an outage or sag, power protection mode is activated, providing real active power and real reactive power to the loads.




AVC DVR Dynamic Voltage Regulator

Stabilises voltage, protecting sensitive systems and processes.
Compensates for up to 40% voltage variation for up to 30 seconds, preventing the effect of sags and swells in most cases.


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