ACS150-03E-08A8-4 4.0kW drive

  • ACS150-03E-08A8-4 4.0kW drive

4.0kW Rated inverter, FLC 8.8amps Continuous
vsd Supply; 415v, 3ph, 50 Hz
Dimensions 169mmh1, 70mmw, 142mmd
ABB Frame size R1 (IP20) Wtg 1.3kg
With EMC filter built in as standard
On Board Programmer and Potentiomer control
1 Analogue I/Ps : 0/2-10v, 0/4-20mA or Pot.
5 Digital I/Ps, 1 Digital O/Ps:
Type VSD
Manufacturer ABB
SKU ACS150-03E-08A8-4

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