• ACS580-01-033A-4+B056 15KW VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE

15KW rated ABB variable speed drive 30 amps

R3 frame size 415v, 3ph, 50hz, IP55

C/w programmer display ACS-AP-S

Height 454mm, width 203 mm, depth 237 mm, weight 15.1kilos

Safe torque off  (STO) to SIL 3 Pl as standard. Coated boards as standard. Brake chopper standard to R3 frame thereafter an option. EMC filter for C3 category according to EN61800-3 (2004) is also fitted as standard with this inverter.

The ACS580 vsd is designed with a user-friendly "primary settings menu" - enabling easy programming of the most common settings for the drive.

Associated products for the ACS580 -complete the package: Fuse, Fuse Disconnector, Fuse Switch, Contactor

Type VSD
Manufacturer ABB
SKU ACS580-01-032A-4+B056

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