SENTRON PAC3200 Energy & Power Monitoring

  • SENTRON PAC3200 Energy & Power Monitoring

The SENTRON PAC3200 is a powerful compact power monitoring device that is suitable for use in industrial, government and commercial applications where basic metering and energy monitoring are required. The meter may be used as a stand alone device monitoring over 50 parameters or as part of an industrial control, building automation or global power monitoring system.
PAC3200 Power Meter Features
" Replace Multiple Analog Meters
" Basic Metering
" Cost Allocation / Energy Monitoring
" Automation Integration
" Sub-Metering
" Ethernet Integrated 10 Base-T (10 Mbit/sec)
" Modbus TCP Integrated RJ45 port 10 Base-T (10 Mbit/sec) - STANDARD
" PROFIBUS DP expansion module - OPTIONAL
" Modbus RTU expansion module - OPTIONAL
Digital Inputs and Outputs
" Digital input 24 Vdc / 0.7 mA (1)
" Digital Output 12-24 Vdc / 10-27 mA (1)
Type Components
Manufacturer ABB Control