Training your engineers for failure?
Variable speed drives are acknowledged as being the most effective way of controlling a motor. The plant rooms of industries throughout the country rely on them to keep industry turning (literally) – and for the most part they do exactly that, controlling motors to produce enough torque for their respective loads. But what if something so critical to your operation were to stop? Could your maintenance engineers repair it: would they know what to look for, what to check? And would they know where to start?
EDC recently ran an in-house training day for local school children in vsds – proving you’re never too old, or too young, to learn.
The children, all with an interest in electrical engineering, were taken through a basic course in the fundamentals of ABB variable speed drives; the selection of a vsd to suit the motor (sizing the variable speed drive for the load), types of load, optimising operating conditions and basic fault finding (using our extensive range of demo drives). Most variable speed drive problems occur due to issues of incorrect drive or motor selection, set-up or commissioning. Rectifying the problem can often be a simple case of step-by-step analysis. The experience showed the engineers of tomorrow just what it is possible to accomplish with a drive - without the use of complicated control gear.
Just as these children were able to leave with a greater knowledge of the principles of vsds, your engineers can be trained in the basics of vsd troubleshooting. With courses designed to empower engineers, giving them both the confidence and practical know-how to resolve vsd issues – quickly. EDC’s full and half-day variable speed drive training courses provide hands-on, practical experience, enabling engineers to understand the inverters they are working with - and get the very best from them.

abb variable speed drive training for engineers