abb acs601 legacy drive still operational after 25 years

In praise of older drives!

Our ‘Island Girl inverter’, who is involved in whisky production on a Scottish island, is now over 25 years old.

She’s an ACS601 drive, from the impeccable ABB stable. EDC engineers visit her and her colleagues annually as part of a drive care service contract. 

Many ABB drives, just like 'Island Girl' work in rural locations, quietly carrying on the business of controlling motors and pumps in vital industries. Their needs are few, their sober wish is a simple, routine service. EDC (your local Scottish ABB drive value provider) specialises in the service and repair of these far-flung faithful frequency converters, travelling many miles to attend them, and allowing them to keep the ‘noiseless tenor of their way’. 

Properly cared for, these long-lived legacy drives, just like the whisky they help produce, are a praiseworthy vintage: aged to perfection!

Contact EDC for details of our drive care service contracts: 0141 812 3222