Simple, yet sophisticated the ACS580 drive from ABB.

It’s a hard knock life: another day in the life of an EDC commissioning engineer. One day it’s a quarry, the next a water works, the next a nice, clean switch room in the food distribution industry.

Due to the ease of set up of ABB’s ACS580 series of inverters, 23 drives were commissioned in 3 days, including all ID runs, rotation checks, I/O and PLC interface. Phew!

Where can I use the ACS580 drive? If you have a light industrial application (from 0.75 to 500kW), there’s an ACS580 ABB drive for you. An intuitive keypad and application control macros mean setting up and commissioning has never been easier, and the ACS580 inverter comes ready, willing and more than able to control both variable and constant torque applications— from compressors, conveyors and mixers to pumps and fans. Productive and efficient it has found homes in a range of industries and comes in a variety of configurations to best suit its size and surroundings. From wall-mounted and modules it’s also available as a cabinet-built drive. As part of its robust adaptiveness it also comes with coated boards and can be IP55 rated, and it’ll never get too hot in the kitchen for our ACS580s—they’re tested at maximum temperature and with nominal loads.

Need wireless commissioning and monitoring of your variable speed drives? Then it’ll be no surprise to learn that the 580 range from ABB lets you upgrade to a Bluetooth control panel, enabling you to do both remotely.

There’s a lot more to the all-compatible ACS580 series of drives, but they don’t like to brag. It makes the other drives feel bad.

ACS580s - you'll find them gainfully employed in the following industries: food and beverage, material handling, printing, rubber and plastics, textile, sawmills, water handling, agriculture and... automotive.