ach580 inverter maintenance schedule. How to maintain your ABB ACH vsd.So, you have your new ABB ACH580 drive. It's out of the box and plant side, controlling your HVAC motor (irrespective of the make) perfectly. You'd expect no less. Whilst you're saving money on energy, easing the strain on your motor & waiting for your short pay-back time to come around, you might want to peruse the official ABB maintenance schedule for your drive. The good news is that from a cooling point of view, you'll be twiddling your thumbs for 3 years.. and from an ageing point of's 9 years. Proving effectively that you don't need botox to age gracefully. However, there are annual tweeks which can significantly assist in maintaining your new purchase. See the ACH580 maintenance schedule and read how you can have a long & harmonious life with your new ABB, top-of-the-range ACH580 drive.