acs580 drives

ABB's ACS580 drive - the go-to drive for a range of applications.

Built for ease of use with intuitive design, simple controls and complete with all the essential components for your applications, the ACS580 drive is a drive for all seasons. Whether your application is constant or variable torque, in plant rooms or harsher conditions (the ACS580 drive comes with coated boards and can be purchased in IP55) it's the perfect fix for extruders, chippers, mixers, conveyors - the list goes on. Here are some of the reasons why it's one of ABB's top-selling drives:

It's all compatible - the ACS580 will work with almost any set up in any application, and its common architecture means a smooth transition from ACS480 or ACS880 drives. It can also control asynchronous, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors (well, we did say it was all compatible).

It's feature packed - so there's no need for additional hardware (it even comes with an external +24 V AC/DC support, and safe torque off as standard...did we mention the patented swinging choke and integrated EMC filter?....and removable modbus RTU terminal? - it's unfair to other drives really).

It's plug & play with control macros assisting you every step of the way in the drive set up.

It's rugged. Ranging up to 500kW, the 580 is tested with nominal loads at maximum temperatures.

Need to commission and monitor wirelessly? The ACS580 can be purchased with a Bluetooth control panel. This gives you control of the drive from up to 75 meters away. You'll even get free DriveComposer software, enabling you to both programme and monitor the performance of your drive.

It comes in a wide power range - from wall mountable to drive modules and cabinet built drives (0.25 to 500kW).

Easy to operate & install, cost-effective, available from your local ABB Authorized value provider and a thing of beauty - the ACS580 drive. Your drive for all seasons and all applications.