Robuschi RBS 3 lobe blower

EDC's sister company, EDC Air Compressors Scotland, is pleased to announce the addition of Robuschi blowers to its stable of products.

The Robuschi range includes blowers specific to certain industry sectors such as biogas production, but also covers applications in chemical & pharmaceutical, plastics, pulp & paper, medical, food & beverage and mining.

See the case study retro-fitting of a bare Tobuschi RBS rotary lobe blower on a wastewater application which had previously been used on an Aerzen blower here.

With three lobes, the RBS series comes with a special low pulse system. This reduces  pressure pulsations, whilst the oil splash lubrication system (with the discs coupled to the drive shaft) gurantees smooth operation of the gears.

Pressure up to 1,000 mbar(g)

Vacuum up to 500 mbar(a)

Capacity up to 25,000 m3/h

Contact us for more information on the Robuschi range.