EDC and ABB save Christmas for Santa

“We’re out on strike.” The reindeer said
When Santa went to check his sleigh.
“What’s that?” said Santa, much surprised,
“Is it because of your low pay?”
“It’s not the money,” Rudolph said:
He was the shop steward for the ‘boys’.
“It’s the sleigh is much too heavy
When loaded up with gifts and toys.
It’s really hard to leave the ground
And to take off into the sky,
To take toys to good girls and boys
We really need to fly so high.
We’d like a SynRM and a drive
To give us more power and speed.
ABB makes the best there are
And can supply all that we need.”
Santa could see Rudolph’s good sense
And went to Google just to see
Who was the best at fitting these,
And of course, found EDC.
One call was all it took to bring
Inverter expertise to site.
Santa called Rudolph and the ‘boys’
To show them how he’d got it right.
Rudolph and the other reindeer
Called off the strike and then did say,
They and that sleigh would soon fly high
Since EDC saved Christmas day.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our readers!