inverter service care contracts from EDC
This panel was brought back to EDC during a routine visit to a customer with a Drivecare service contract.

It’s not what they were intended for, but our engineers were asked to look at the panel while servicing the ABB drives.
In need of a significant overhaul, the panel was brought back to our workshop where the current softstart is in the process of being replaced with a VSD. The old control gear will also be upgraded. When complete, the finished product will not only give our customer greater control over their application (a power jet) it will also provide significant energy savings which will mean a payback time of less than a year.
EDC offers an excellent care package to our DriveCare customers. When a VSD is critical to your operation, DriveCare offers unrivalled access to competent engineers—reassuring in the event of a breakdown.
The service is designed to offer a programme of planned, preventative maintenance, with scheduled maintenance intervals, allowing you optimal performance and maximum energy savings. But sometimes, as you can see, it offers a lot more.