Amy reilly cooper bussman fuse specialist

The force that through the green fuse drives the power!

EDC can help with all your fuse requirements - yes really! Call our fuse specialist Amy today to find out everything you wanted to know about fuses - but were afraid to ask.

In any colour, Bussmann fuses will superbly surveil and control the power, preserving and protecting your plant and machinery.

EDC Scotland supplies the full range of guaranteed genuine Cooper Bussmann fuses at prices which will ‘blow’ you away.

Not happy with your ‘current’ supplier? Call or email our expert Amy. We hold a huge stock and can provide advice on equivalent fuses: / 0141 812 3222

Questions we've already answered:

Q: I've just bought a second hand espresso machine with an electrical heater connected to a 440 V mains supply. The heater is 3.5 kW. What fuse do I need?

Answer from Amy: You need a 10 amp fuse.

Q: Our factory lights are flickering and our circuit breakers keep tripping. Are we using the wrong fuses?

Answer from Amy: Your electrical circuits are overloaded - you're drawing more electricity than your circuit can safely handle. This need attention immediately. Fuses blow and breakers trip for a reason. If your wall plates are warm or discoloured that's further proof that you have a problem.

 The main advantage of using fuses is that:

a. They provide the cheapest type of protection.
b. They have Inverse time current characteristics, combined with...
c. Current limiting effect under short circuit conditions.

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