bridge over excess electricity consumption by using ABB variable speed drives

Like a bridge over excessive wattage, we will ease your mind...

Bridge the gaps in your income caused by costly energy use by having EDC Scotland carry out a free, no-obligation, energy survey.

This can highlight how genuine savings can be made. Make unnecessary full speed running, hard stopping and starting, pricey power use and concomitant C02 emissions a thing of the past.

From one-man companies to multinationals, we will be pleased to give free, impartial advice. And it’s not a bridge too far to say we think you’ll surprised by just how much you could save: typical savings can be up to 50%, giving investment paybacks in as few as 6 months to a year.

This is because many industrial processes are oversized, or poorly matched to the present process throughput needs. Variable speed drives can adjust the speed of the motor to match the exact production needs and thus save energy in the process. Further benefits are gained because the motor control is far smoother with an inverter, so mechanical parts, belts and seals are not damaged during running; enabling you to make further savings in your maintenance budget.

Our energy appraisal will aim to examine the benefits of drives technology on your existing motorised systems. 

Changing existing technologies for newer versions of the same technologies can also make a significant difference. An average electric motor consumes its purchase price in electricity in just one month (30 days), so investing in the highest efficiency variants gives an ongoing saving from the first month of use. New VSDs also bring large savings over older VSD technologies, due to improvements in switching topologies, and quite often 15% savings can be realised.

Contact us for your free survey. You have nothing to lose but high energy bills.