EDC north east engineers on site   hire drives from EDC north east your ABB Authorized value provider

Skilled and resourceful: your ABB AVP network.

This ‘Band of Brothers’ stepped up to the plate last week when EDC North East found themselves having to respond rapidly to a breakdown situation.

Said General Manager,John Guthrie: “We’d planned to upgrade this press from a DC motor & drive to an AC equivalent however, the old motor shaft snapped leaving the machine down & production targets to be met. We were able to source a motor from an ABB motor AVP & get it to site via another rewinder who added bed plate modifications. Meanwhile, we sent a hire drive & our team to run new cable, install & commission the system, including integration into the machine PLC overnight.Three of us left the site at about 04:30 in the morning. But we left a very happy customer.”

EDC NE and your drive alliance network: specialists in every sense of the word. See more of the engineering skills of EDC North East.