Hi, I’m an ACS600 variable speed drive. I’m 17 years old and work hard – so I can get very dirty. I’m built to last (I’m from the renowned ABB stable) but after almost two decades I’m classed as a “legacy” drive, so I worry that a newer model will take my place; smaller & shinier with better & more extensive programmes, a more appealing GUI - and blue-tooth.
But then I get my annual service visit, something that makes my parameters purr. The ABB trained engineers from EDC have been attending to me (and my colleagues) for the last 10 years. This time I had my cards cleaned and after a thorough check-up all they had to replace were my fans!
A decade of servicing has meant that I’ve more than paid back my initial purchase price. I’ve also contributed to vastly reduced CAPEX costs on site. And as I work on an island it’s important that I can give continuous, uninterrupted service. I’m a constant torque variable speed drive, so it’s a demanding life.
Below is me pre-clean up – along with my NIOC card (it’s where my input & output control connections live). Cleaning it makes a BIG difference to my digital signals.
So until next year, I’ll keep varying my speed within my set parameters, controlling the plant’s operations and continuing to save my owner’s money. You could too. See how by visiting EDC’s Drive Care Service Contracts page today!

ACS600 before a service visit