Peter Myatt, ABB's UK Channel Manager for drives (pictured centre with EDC's MD, Nick Brown) spoke recently about the importance of using ABB Authorized value providers for your inverter requirements.

His advice to companies was succinct:"Beware of companies who suggest they can support some of your most important assets: your ABB variable speed drives".

"Only ABB and our network of Authorised value providers for drives service are officially trained, have access to genuine spares, and most importantly are officially authorised to carry out warranty repair and replacement work on your ABB drives".

"Service work carried out by any other third parties whilst your drives are under warranty could, ultimately, invalidate the warranty."

A risk it's simply not worth taking when your equipment is one of your most valuable assets. At EDC & EDC NE -  ABB's AVPs for drives in Scotland and north east England, we carry the full range of official ABB service suitcases. These specialist cases can only be held and accessed by AVPs, and they ensure that we carry the most common spares required to repair your ABB drives.

Protect your plant, insure your investment and defend your drives with the ABB alliance of Authorised value providers.

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