nick brown and shaun sutton at the launch of the EDC EOT

Taking over the asylum...

The group of EDC companies: EDC Scotland, EDC North East and EDC Air Compressors (phew - that's a lot of companies!) have banded together to become a newly established Employee Ownership Trust.

"What's that?" we hear you say.

Well, you can read our press release about the news which fully explains it: EDC joins the ranks of Employee Ownership Trusts. But let's give you the news in brief. It means that the shareholders have sold their shares to the Trust. And the Trust holds those shares on behalf of all current and future EDC employees. Yes, we're all company owners - just take a look at the EOT t shirts.

"And it benefits us as customers how?"

Well, every employee has a direct stake in the company. Now, we've always been strong on customer service. It's what keeps customers coming back...which is what has allowed us to grow to this degree. But now the team 'driving' (drives and controls - get it?) us forward has a real investment in the company, and a responsibility to every other single team member of all three companies. "One for all and all for one" so to speak. Ok, so someone may have gotten to that slogan before us...

"And what about you're existing management structure?"

No change. Zero. Nada. Rein. Nick Brown remains our Managing Director. He reports to the Trust and EDC has voted three employees as Trustee Directors (we also have an independent sitting on the Trust too).

With the Trust we've now future-proofed the 'vibe' that resonates through EDC - and what it means to be a member of the team here.

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