how easy is the ABB ACS180 drive to operate?

One hundred and e-i-g-h-t-y* Lifting the lid on the new ACS180 drive, the new go-to drive for OEMs and system integrators.

It's petite, productive, versatile, reliable, intuitive, cost-effective and robust. In fact, it's everything you could want in a partner. EDC and ABB would like to introduce you to the new partner in your process, the versatile and accomplished ACS180 variable speed drive. It's guaranteed to be love at first sight. But first, a little more about its background.

What industries/ applications is the ACS180 drive suitable for?

Designed for small spaces and with a super-efficient cooling system (making it perfect for warm / dusty / humid environments), your ACS180 was created for optimal performance with minimal effort and investment - and comes with all essential machinery features (including safe torque off inside the drive) built-in. With an intuitive control panel it effortlessly connects to machine controllers via modbus in the drive. And, of course, it goes without saying that reliability was the top priority when the ABB design team created your 180.

Textiles Dyeing machines
Material handling Winders
Food and beverage Mixers
Logistics Conveyors
Printing and packaging Compressors
Plastics Fans
Commercial appliances Pumps


What are the voltages, features and range of the ACS180 drive?

* Power range 0.25 kW up to 22 kW IP20 enclosure in 5 frame sizes
* Voltage range 200 V up to 480 V (single and three phase)
* Essential features for speed-controlled applications
* Vector control for induction and permanent magnet motors
* Easy to connect to automation system with Modbus RTU
* Adaptive programming to allow customisation of drive functionality
* Reduced energy consumption and CO₂ emissions

And (perhaps we kept the best 'till last) graphical icons means the built-in control panel is straighforward to use - no need for translation, something of huge importance to OEMs who are selling equipment in a global marketplace.


What are the uses for an ABB ACS180 variable speed drive?

 What applications can I use an ABB ACS180 drive in?

And you say the ACS180 is easy to operate? Yes! It's easy and effortless, with a wealth of features designed to make it plug and play when it's literally out of the box. It has the same tools and user user interface as its sister drives, the 380/ 480 / 580/ 880 (if it ain't broke don't fix it). The essential machinery application features are embedded and it's been designed to be intuitive with the keypad allowing instant adjustments. Easy to select, buy, install and operate it's definitely a smooth operator.

Get the ABB ACS180 hardware manual

Or read the ABB ACS180 flyer for more information on this versatile, powerful, compact drive.

Get in line for the new ACS180 machinery drive from the ABB stable of thoroughbreds.

a line up of ABB ACS180 variable speed drives

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