ABB wimes compliant motors 0.75kw - 1,000kw

In the best of times, and in the worst of times,  your ABB Wimes motor will stand the test of time. No matter which application it finds itself in.

 wimes motors for water & wastewater

The WIMES range of motors are affordable, totally enclosed, low voltage, fan-cooled and available in both cast iron and aluminium. Frame sizes range from 80 - 450 in the cast version and from 80 to 180 in aluminium (covering a kW rating from 0.75kW to 1MW). Efficiency can be either IE3 premium efficiency or IE4 super premium efficiency. Whilst these motors were originally created for  low-voltage applications in the water industry, they are equally at home in any sector which has demanding operating conditions. A new range has now been added to cover water industry medium voltage motors from 200kW-2MW in frame sizes 355-560.

But what exactly makes a WIMES motor so special? The answer is three fold: energy efficiency, build quality and environmental protection. A list of unique design features is built into WIMES motor as standard. See the design specification for WIMES motors - a picture paints a thousand words. 

These motors can be specified for use with any pump, compressor or fan application  - in any industry where conditions are less than optimal - and come with a host of advantages, including some of the most competitive pricing in the market place.

  • Equivalent to IE3 efficiency levels
  • Robust design  to enable them to keep performing in the toughest of conditions, while meeting the continuous duty cycles required in the water industry
  • Low noise, running costs & maintenance costs
  • Oversized terminal boxes fitted as standard making installation easier
  • Totally enclosed & fan cooled
  • Internal & external earth bolt
  • Heating elements fitted in the windings & drain holes in the stator frame to assist with condensation
  • Cool running which equates to a longer life cycle 
  • A surface treated in accordance with C3M (corrosive category, ISO 12944-2: 2007)

There are a range of technical specifications & options available with these motors - in addition to the already high spec 'as standard' build. Why not view the full range of WIMES motor options?

ABB WIMES motors - not just a fair-weather friend.

ABB WIMES motors

The ABB WIMES range of motors