ACS480 Variable speed drive product information

You need: ease of operation across a broad range of basic applications? You need the ACS480 inverter - your 'go-to drive' for conveyors, compressors, fans and pumps. See the ACS480 range of inverters.

Perfectly suited for use in food & beverage, water handling, printing, agriculture, sawmills, automotive and material handling industries, the new star of the show, the ACS480 packs a powerful punch. So how is it different to the drives it will be replacing - the ACS355 and ACS310? Well, the ACS480 has been designed to take intuitive design to the next level. In comparison with the ACS355, it comes with a free PC tool and USB connectivity. The PC tool is connected to the drive's control panel via a usb interface and allows for easier start up, configuration, monitoring and process tuning. It also boasts an embedded modbus and EMC C2 filter as standard, and is supplied out-of-the-box with an assistant keypad with primary settings as standard.

Compared to the ACS310 the 480 has vector control, a built-in brake chopper - which enables shorter and more accurate braking times (instantly increasing your productivity) in all frame sizes, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP as options.

A built-in energy optimiser in the ACS480 ensures maximum torque per amper, whilst the load analyser feature allows the fine-tuning of processes to make further savings; all of which you can monitor on the control panel. The independent PID controllers allow the operator to regulate flow, or pressure based on need, providing you with accurate control of your processes. And, thanks to the ACS480 drive's pump & fan control feature, one VSD can control four motors in parallel. 

In short, the raison d'être of the ACS480 drive is to control you processes with the minimum amount of energy and the maximum ease of use. Lowering your energy consumption and costs, extending the life of your plant and reducing your carbon footprint. It's a good set of values for a drive to have.

ABB's Effortless Energy Efficiency drive - the ACS480. Drive ratings, types and voltages:

acs480 drive ratings, types and voltages

For more information see our Downloads section in the top navigation menu. There you can view the ACS480 brochures, manuals and ABB information leaflets. The ACS480 quick installation and start up manual is also the best manual to get you off and running with your new drive purchase.