Control gear retrofits

panel retrofits using ABB control geare

With extensive experience in retrofitting cabinets, EDC has skilled wiremen who can interpret your drawings and translate them into new, more efficient, more productive, safer enclosure builds. Using quality, branded components (including Crouzet & Cooper Bussmann) alongside ABB control gear, we can transform your legacy panels into current state-of-the-art panels. 

Control panel retro-fits can ensure that your panel is fully upgrade and passes safety regulations, yet remains within the same dimensions as originally allowed for. It also means you panel will benefit from the new technologies available in ABB switchgear (and variable speed drives, which are progressively taking up a smaller and smaller footprint).

Contactors, breakers, overloads, fuses, softstarts, wiring, handles, emergency stops and aux contacts can all be replaced and updated, giving you a new panel at a fraction of the cost of a brand new design. The benefits of a control gear retrofit are numerous:

  • Modernise your existing switchgear
  • Reduce CAPEX & OPEX costs
  • Minimise down-time
  • Keep loss of production to a minimum
  • Keep working within your existing control gear structure   
Recently, we completed a new panel assembly in our dedicated workshop. 


EDC engineer inspecting panel retrofit

The panel was fully specified and built to our customer's exact requirements, using ABB parts, then tested prior to shipping. If required, we can arrange for customer witness testing of retro-fitted panels to ensure that that the panel has been fitted and programmed to suit their control philosophy.

In this case the panel was originally build using a star delta starter during start up. This would cause massive stresses to the system and to the customer's supply. As part of on-going energy savings the company (in the water industry) requested that EDC install two ACS580 vsds which would monitor the torque and condition of the application, both at start up and during running - where a standard starter would not. As a result the panel is now achieving greater energy efficiences and system control for our customer, obtained at a fraction of the cost of an entirely new panel build.

No system can ever be entirely future proof, but our customer will now enjoy another decade of use from the panel, without altering their factory set up with a fully functioning control panel, operating within the same footprint as the original. 

Contact us for further details of our control gear retrofits: You'll be amazed at the Cinderella like transformation we can effect on your panels. See one of our recent retrofits below.

Why reinvest when you can reinvent? 

pre and post retrofit