Repasting VSD IGBTs as part of your preventative maintenance

repasting igbts on an inverter as part of preventative maintenance

Cut complexity, control costs, maximise capital: repaste your inverter IGBTs as part of your preventative maintenance regime. It can pay huge dividends.

Restore, repaste, repair: drives need love too. They're not maintenance free, and as with people, they need a little more care and attention as they age. Provide this and they'll repay you with decades of good service.

VSDs have regular preventative maintenance service intervals. Normally every 3 years. However it's good practice to have your drive checked over annually.

Why should I pay to have an annual service visit when you don't replace the parts until around 3 years?

Well, if you have a service plan and we send in an engineer to service it, they won't just hoover it out and pop in new filters (although this is essential for maintaining your drive - we can't emphasise this enough. Let your drive breathe!). The engineers will also check for loose connections and poor ambient conditions. Both of these are the death knell for longevity. Effectively, they're detecting issues early, so that you can take action and implement improvements. But we digress...

Now EDC is offering repasting of your drive's IGBTs as part of the 6 year preventative maintenance (PM) kit. Normally this would be done at the 9 year interval (or when an IGBT is being replaced). There's an additional charge of 500 pounds + vat for this service to allow for the stripping down of the drive and labour.

Why are you repasting at 6 years and not 9?

We love inquisitiveness! In short, it improves resilience. If your operating conditions aren't ideal, if there's vibration, if there's a high ambient temperature, humidity, or a corosive atmosphere you may be limiting the life of your electrical components. Your inverters are operating in subpar conditions and ageing more rapidly than they normally would. Repasting earlier aims to increase reliability and extend the life of your AC drive, allowing for full (and even) heat dissipation. Your chances of failure will therefore be much reduced.

Normally, this is what would be replaced in an ACS800 drive module after 6 years.

The results of repasting the IGBTs at the same time can be dramatic...

Contact us for details, or speak to one of our techical experts about the benefits.

6 year preventative maintenance on an ABb drive
repasting igbts on an abb drive