power quality measurement problems and analysis

power quality measurement

Power quality problems, dips and sags or even unexplained premature component failures? We can find them.

EDC's new harmonic analyser is capable of measuring harmonics above the 100th to ensure copper-bottomed compliance with the latest G5/5 regulations. So no more 'connect and collect' for results. All data is transmitted by G4 modem to the cloud for instant analysis.

The AX-300 Portable Power Quality Analyser makes power quality analysis easier than ever before. And once you know what your problems are, you're well on the way to remedying them, reducing downtime, extending asset life and ultimately, improving operations. It's not always easy to detect issues with power quality. But voltage fluctuations can show themselves in several ways...

The problems:

Flickering lights (and it's not Halloween)

Plant overheating - such as transformers (or even cable)

False triggering of protective devices

Power supply units failing

Plant disturbances

Which results in:

Increased equipment maintenance and replacement costs

Higher utility bills

Premature ageing of equipment

Decreased productivity / reliability

By measuring and analyzing the above you can protect your equipment and so your operation, whilst making predictive maintenance, well...more predictable.

EDC North east recently completed a harmonic survey on two ferries from London whilst the ferries were berthed in Teeside for a refit. Left unchecked harmonic distortion shortens the life of electrical equipment and causes damage to power systems.

In the worst case scenario this could lead to fire, damage to electrical panels and vessel blackout.

Unfortunately John didn’t get to ‘Nassau town’ on this visit but the ferries were given a clean bill of health.
 harmonic survey on board vessels

Read more about harmonic distortion on vessels in the Maritime and Coastguard Agencies' document  – Potential Hazards of Excessive Harmonic Distortion of Current and Voltage of Onboard Electrical Systems