EDC is now stocking the ABB ACS580 range of drives - the natural evolution from the ACS550 series.

An all compatible solution, the ACS580 drive provides "effortless energy efficiency" throughout a range of variable speed drive applications both variable & constant from 0.75kw to 250kw in both IP21 & IP54 (200-240v & 380-480v 50/60hz).

Plug-in ready and complete with embedded assistants, the ACS580 operates on the same or smaller footprint than the ACS550 - and has backward compatibility with the first ACS550 generation. It offers two keypad options - the standard ACS-AP-S and the ACS-AP-I, the latter of which can also be used to control you ABB ACS880 industrial range of variable speed drives. 

One of the easiest inverters to programme, ABB has added to the PC tools available for the ACS580 and the Drive composer tool entry can be downloaded free via the ABB website. Click here to download it.

The essential features you've come to rely on from ABB drives are, again, built in as standard, and the intuitive ABB ACS580 variable speed drive is one of the most straight forward drives on the market in terms of its selection, programming and commissioning. Effortless and uncomplicated - the ACS580 range is the evolution of responsive technology - available from EDC today. View our range - here