Many problems with variable speed drives will require an engineer to attend site to resolve the issue - but is there anything you can do to fix small scale problems yourself? Getting your inverter back up and running can be as simple as changing a set of fuses, or replacing a fan or filter on the drive panel. Having these items in stock can not only save you the cost of an engineer's visit, but can also prevent costly down time for your plant. EDC carries a wide range of Cooper Bussmann fast acting fuses and Texa fans and filters which can form the basis of your own drive repair kit. Normally in sets of three in drives, industrial semi conductor fuses can be replaced quickly and easily by your engineers (providing there is no underlying issue with your processes to make the fuses blow in the first place) whilst the intake of clean air is of paramount importance in the operation of your drive panel. Contact us today for advice about sizing the the correct Cooper Bussmann fuses for your inverter, or to enquire about our wide range of Texa fans and filters for your cabinets.