abbs acq580-31 ultra low harmonic drive

It’s not a soprano, contralto, tenor, or even a bass: it’s a harmonisation of them all.

ABB’s ACQ580-31 ultra-low harmonic drive is a symphony of compatibility, energy saving and distortion reduction.

Developed specifically for pumping applications in the water and wastewater industry, the new ULH drive has harmonic mitigation built-in. This includes an active supply unit and integrated low harmonic line filter. Available from 4kW to 355kW (380-480v) as wall-mounted and drive module variants the ACS580-31 ensures reliable operation, even in unstable power supply conditions by keeping the network free from unhelpful harmonics. Which proves that when it comes to low harmonic drives ABB has orchestrated the perfect composition, guaranteed to make your plant more melodious. 

The benefits of using ultra-low harmonic drives:

  • A longer lifespan from your equipment
  • A smooth network
  • Less maintenance
  • More up time
  • A more efficient reliable operation
  • Prevents over dimensioning

See ABB's video explaining the benefits ABB ultra-low harmonics can bring.

abb ultra low harmonic drives - the benefits