You said you wanted to be in control; that money was important to you; that you were looking for a long-term relationship. So ABB created the ACS580 series of variable speed drives. With easy start up available via Drive composer PC tool, scalable performance and control panel assistants for fast-track parameter settings, ABB’s ACS580 is: controllable, adaptable, reliable and cost effective (with payback times typically being under two years). Designed to not only reduce your energy consumption whilst improving productivity, the ACS580 is created for effortless energy efficiency across a wide range of applications including both variable and constant torque applications such as: mixers, conveyors, pumps and fans and compressors. As standard, the series supports both SynRM and permanent magnet motors and comes with a wealth of built-in features to enable customers to adapt the drive to suit their specific requirements (hence its 'all compatible' branding). As ABB say, with the ACS580 series you can:"Switch on simplicity without trading off efficiency." See the features and benefits of the ACS580 variable speed drives from ABB in the video below.