ABB's smart sensor for LV motors - the perfect interpreter between you and your motor.

EDC recently installed an ABB 'Smart Sensor' on a motor to allow our customer accurate condition monitoring of their plant. The sensor, which can easily be retro-fitted to any motor (it simply attaches to the frame), is now allowing plant personnel to monitor the temperature and vibration experienced by the motor, in real time. Collecting this condition and performance data means the motor can be monitored and (if required) intervention made before the motor fails - resulting in costly down time. This ability to prevent a failure befor it occurs can see your unplanned downtime reduced by up to 70%, whilst your motor's lifetime can be extended by 30%. There are even energy savings of up to 10% to be made as the data collected provides recommendations on how to optimise your operations.

See the benefits the ABB Smart Sensor can provide for your plant with ABB's 'Smart Sensor information sheet'.

More questions? ABB has put together a comprehensive Question and Answer page detailing answers to questions such as: "How will condition monitoring help reduce my costs?" and "How does the smart sensor actually operate?". See the full list of questions and answers about the ABB Smart Sensor.